Day 1

Morning Gothenburg Museum of Art

Gothenburg Museum of Art Normal entry SEK60

Gothenburg’s Art Museum is one of the finest in the country, and, in fact, third largest. It showcases renowned collections from international artists of all media, from art, to comics, and even children’s books. Its aim is to challenge the way we experience art by featuring artists and their works from unusual perspectives. Visitors can also admire a wide range of Nordic art from the turn of the 19th century, as well as temporary exhibitions and educational experiences.

Midday Prison Island

Prison Island Normal entry SEK200

Challenge your friends and family to a game in Prison Island, a totally unique experience and one that’ll test all your capabilities and whether you can keep your cool under pressure.

Afternoon Universeum Science Centre

Universeum Science Centre Normal entry SEK190

Universeum Science Centre is a great experience for all the family, no matter your age! With 10 different zones to discover from the Rainforest to Water’s Way, the Chemistry Lab and Space, you’ll be sure to be kept entertained. This fun museum will have everyone taking part in the dynamic exhibitions and interactive zones. It’s one of the bus stops, which makes it easy to get to.


Day 2

Morning Volvo Museum

Volvo Museum Normal entry SEK100

Journey through history, from 1927 until the present day, and learn all about Volvo’s history and heritage. The museum’s collection includes a wide range of passenger cars, buses, and trucks, as well as other engines and construction equipment. Whether you’re a Volvo fan or not, everyone will enjoy a visit to indulge in a bit of nostalgia. And it’s a great one for the kids as there’s a Volvo car play area for them to join in the fun!

Midday Sightseeing Bus Tour

Sightseeing Bus Tour Normal entry SEK180

See the sights from the comfort of your own seat on a sightseeing bus tour of Gothenburg. Enjoy a live guided commentary (via headphones) as you pass Gothenburg’s most iconic sights and attractions and take in the beautiful historic city. You’ll go by the opera house, Gothenburg’s famous harbour, and many other iconic landmarks.

Afternoon Liseberg

Liseberg Normal entry SEK110

If you’re visiting Gothenburg with the kids, then a visit to Liseberg Amusement Park is a must! One of Scandinavia’s best (and most fun!) amusement parks, it promises one of the most thrilling rollercoaster experiences in the world, Valkyria and the Liseberg Wheel.


Day 3

Morning Museum of Gothenburg

Museum of Gothenburg Normal entry SEK60

Learn about the history of Gothenburg and West Sweden from 12,000 years ago to the present day.

Midday The East Indiaman Götheborg

The East Indiaman Götheborg Normal entry SEK120

In 2005 a group of ship enthusiasts unveiled the world’s largest wooden ship, bringing a bit of history back to life. Based on the 18th century Swedish East Indiaman which sank in 1745, now you have the chance to climb aboard this epic vessel and learn about the historic voyages across the sea. Experience life on board – and its challenges - and take in the vast scale of this huge ship!

Afternoon AirHop Trampoline Park

AirHop Trampoline Park Normal entry SEK164

Come and visit Gothenburgs best indoor trampoline park, for fitness or fun, they offer something for everyone with a range of activities to suit all ages.


Total Entry Price SEK1184

Pass Price SEK695

Your Savings SEK489

The total ticket cost for our suggested full 3 day itinerary is over SEK1184. A 3 day Gothenburg Pass costs SEK695 so you’re making a huge saving of over SEK489 as the above attraction tickets are free with the pass.