Step into the Rainforest, go below the sea in Ocean Zone and travel to space. There is so much to discover at Universeum Science Centre -  Scandinavia´s most visited Science center. Open every day, all year.

Universeum Science Centre is a great experience for all the family, no matter your age! With a range of different exhibitions to discover, the Rainforest to Water’s Way, the Chemistry Lab and Space, you’ll be sure to be kept entertained. This fun museum will have everyone taking part in the dynamic exhibitions and interactive zones.


  • The Rainforest
  • Ocean Zone
  • Teknoteket
  • Water’s Way
  • Space
  • The Chemistry Lab

Did you know:

  • There is no sound in space. It's because sound waves need an atmosphere, a gas, to propagate.
  • Even if a spacecraft were to explode in space, you would never know because you would never hear it!
  • The rainforest at Universeum Science Centre is modelled off a South American tropical rainforest, known as a Neotropical rainforest, whose temperature ranges consistently from 20-25 degrees Celsius
  • The etymology of the word technology comes from the Greek word te´chnē, which means art or craftsmanship
  • Sloths sleep up to 20 hours a day
  • Sloths are so slow moving that algae grows on them which is why they sometimes look green

The Experience:

Ocean Zone will take you deep below the sea as you discover sharks, rays and species of fish from around the world. The aquariums at Universeum Science Centre are some of the biggest in the world and contain over 3,000,000 litres of water! Here you can also learn about the fish native to Sweden’s West Coast and learn more about the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

Step into 18,000m³ of lush urban jungle at the Rainforest and immerse yourself in the wildlife, plant life and exotic landscape. Living in this hot and humid atmosphere are monkeys, butterflies, frogs, sloths, birds & caimans. ..and get a breathtaking view from the Kapok Tree, 25 meters above ground.

Visit outer space in Universeum Science Centre and learn about life a million miles away from Earth. This fascinating exhibition will test how you would fare as an astronaut out in space aboard the International Space Station – and how to deal with zero gravity just to complete the most basic of tasks.

Invite your inner inventor to the table at Teknoteket, a place for you to be creative with technology and try your hand at inventing something new. Play with giant blocks to make tunnels, or bridges, or Uuse the rerouted MaKey MaKey circuit board to play a computer game with a banana or use the stairs as a piano.

 Please Note: The entry price varies due to season between SEK 195 and SEK 275

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Low Season
Monday 10.00-18.00
Tuesday 10.00-18.00
Wednesday 10.00-18.00
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Saturday 10.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-18.00
Monday 10.00-20.00
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Wednesday 10.00-20.00
Thursday 10.00-20.00
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Open 365 days a year

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