Challenge your friends and family to a game in Prison Island, a totally unique experience and one that’ll test all your capabilities and whether you can keep your cool under pressure.

You have 1 hour to work your way through 34 cells, solving the tasks together. Remember – The team always need you and you always need the team!


  • Challenging tasks
  • 35 prison cells
  • Team work
  • Competition
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Family-friendly
  • Group-friendly

The Experience:

Whether you’re visiting Gothenburg with the family, with friends, or in a group, Prison Island is fun for everyone, all ages, big or small! The game encourages you to work as a team, communicate, collaborate, and keep your cool, to work your way through the challenging 34 prison cells in Prison Island. It’s a great one for adrenaline and problem solving, so take your time – but don’t forget, the clock’s ticking…

This fun and adventurous game has been played across the world and people love it! You can enjoy a 1-hour game free with the Gothenburg Pass. So, join in and put your heads together and see if you can make it to the end. It’s a race against time but the key is to work as a team – no matter who you’re paired up with. Good luck!

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Jan 1, June 19-20, Dec 24-25
Monday 10.00-20.00
Tuesday 10.00-20.00
Wednesday 10.00-20.00
Thursday 10.00-20.00
Friday 10.00-20.00
Saturday 10.00-20.00
Sunday 10.00-18.00


Entry after 15:00 has an additional fee.

Closed: Jan 1, June 19-20 & Dec 24-25

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Åbäcksgatan 6A, 43761 Mölndal


004631-797 19 99