Head deep into Gothenburg’s lush jungle, Säveån, nicknamed Sweden’s ‘Amazon’ – a must for any adventure traveller.

Explore the old moat to the Göta River by Paddan, and spot the amazing wildlife, plant life, bird life and greenery that thrives in this unique environment. This scenic boat trip will introduce you to Sweden’s untouched natural beauty and diverse animal life.

Important notice: Due to seasonality the Paddan on Säveån will run until 30th of September. Back in May 2019

Tour duration: 2hrs. Tour in English & Swedish.

Please note: To take a sightseeing tour by boat you will need to collect a free ticket from Stromma´s ticket kiosks on the departure quay before the tour departs. If the ticket booth is closed please go directly to the boat and show your valid Gothenburg Pass to the staff onboard. You cannot pre-book a sightseeing tour with your Gothenburg Pass. Tickets are subject to availability.  

Top tip: During the summer it is a good idea to visit the ticket booth early the same day to collect your sightseeing tour ticket. Sometimes there are a lot of visitors and some tours may be full during the high season. If you do not get a ticket to one of the tours you hade planned you can ask for tickets to the next tour the same day


  • Live guided
  • Sweden’s ‘Amazon’
  • Lush jungle
  • Wildlife
  • Animal life
  • Bird life
  • Old moat to Göta River
  • Iconic Paddan experience

The Experience:

Cruise down the waters of the old moat to Göta River, so deep that you’ll be lost in the lush jungle of Gothenburg’s unique Säveån. This incredible landscape and habitat is completely natural and worth exploring to discover the incredible wildlife that calls this place home. From down the old moat through the Great Harbour and into the Göta River, this one-of-a-kind experience will take you through Lilla Bommen and into the 100km of wild Säveån.

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19 May - 7 Jul & 18 Aug - 29 Sep
Sunday 13.15 & 15.45
12 Jul - 10 Aug
Monday 17.20
Tuesday 17.20
Wednesday 17.20
Thursday 17.20
Friday 17.20
Saturday 17.20
Sunday 17.20


October - April

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