If you’re feeling competitive and want to test your steady arm, then Laserdome is just the fun for you and your family and friends!

Whether you visit in teams or play solo, there’s no feeling like a game at Laserdome, ducking and diving from the shots and testing out your tactics and precision. Take all the family and see who does best!


  • Fun for everyone
  • Laser game
  • Competition
  • Adrenaline rush
  • International brand

The Experience:

Strap into a vest with discreet laser sensors and arm yourself with a laser gun and head out into the arena and focus, aim, fire! A game at Laserdome will have everyone’s heart racing as they hide from their enemies and protect their allies. Your job is to fire your laser gun collecting as many points as possible while avoiding being hit. If you are hit, your gun will be inactive for 7 seconds, so do your best to hide!

Laserdome is a renowned name and operates with complete safety and respect for rules, so each game is controlled – but fun! So, team up with your family, or go against each other. Either way, it’ll get competitive. It’s not about speed or strength, but precision and tactics, so may the best woman/man/child win!

Enjoy a free 20-minute game with the Gothenburg Pass – and feel free to carry on later, at your own expense.

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All Year
Monday 12:00-20:00
Tuesday 12.00-20.00 
Wednesday 12.00-20.00 
Thursday 12.00-20.00 
Friday 12:00-20:00
Saturday 16:00-20:00


Dec 24-25 & 31, Jan 1, June 19-20.

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Grafiska vägen 32 41263 Göteborg


004631-155 105