The Hasselblad Center is a non-profit foundation established in 1979 whose main aim is to promote research and academic teaching in the fields of photography and natural sciences.

Founded by Erna and Victor Hasselblad, today the Hasselblad Foundation is a wonderful centre to visit to admire up and coming photographers, as well as those who are paving the way in new scientific research.


  • Non-profit foundation
  • Photography
  • Natural Science
  • Library
  • Research and academic teaching
  • Exhibitions

The Experience:

When you visit the Hasselblad Foundation you will be able to visit their current exhibitions and library which contains over 16,000 photographic books and catalogues. Visitors are invited to spend time in the library and make use of the wide range of books, as well as the archive of historical material from Erna and Victor Hasselblad’s personal collection, such as cameras, photographs, manuals and more. Please note : The library is not open all the time, you have to book an appointment.

Current exhibitions running showcase photography by Rineke Dijkstra, winner of the Hasselblad Award 2017, whose works consist mainly of portraiture, often large-scale, in candid and unguarded poses. Her themes tend to focus on transitional periods in a person’s life, such as adolescence, motherhood, migration, and the military service. Her subjects are usually girls or women, championing the female figure in her photography and video works.

Alongside the temporary exhibitions is the permanent exhibition, Hasselblad and the Moon. To document Man’s first steps on the moon, a Hasselblad camera was used, and these images have become some of the most iconic in the world. This exhibition looks at the development of the camera, Hasselblad’s collaboration with NASA and the people behind the company and now Hasselblad Foundation.

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Monday Closed
Tuesday 11.00–18.00
Wednesday 11.00–20.00
Thursday 11.00–18.00
Friday 11.00–17.00
Saturday 11.00–17.00
Sunday 11.00–17.00


Jan 1, April 10-11, May 1, June 6 & 19-20, Dec 24-25 & 31.

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