Trams are a preferred mode of transport in Gothenburg for locals and visitors alike, learn more about Gothenburg's history of transport at the Gothenburg Tramway Museum.

Learn more about these city vehicles at the Tram Museum, housed in the old tram depot which was built in the 1930s. Here you can see vintage trams, as well as old memorabilia relating to the tram network and traffic system which runs throughout Gothenburg.


  • 20 vintage trams from 20th century
  • Museum
  • Traffic-related artefacts
  • Old tram depot
  • Tickets and memorabilia
  • Tram simulator
  • Guided Tour

The Experience:

If you’re someone who loves to travel around urban areas and appreciates public transport and how a city’s system works then the Tram Museum will be a fascinating insight into Gothenburg’s infrastructure, past and present. Here you can see around 20 trams which have been saved from the last century – and 15 of them still work! The really vintage trams are worth paying particular attention to, as well as the collection of old tickets, tram conductor uniforms, and other artefacts in the old depot in Gårda.

After you’ve explored the exhibits, you can enjoy a guided tour who will take you around the old trams and answer each and every burning question. The oldest vehicle on display is a horse-drawn carriage from the 1800s and the most recent dates back to 1969. Watch a film about Gothenburg’s trolley buses and try out the tram simulator and experience driving a tram.

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April 12, June 1-Aug 31, Oct 6, Dec 20-Jan 10
Sunday 11.00-14.00


April 12, June 1-Aug 31, Oct 4, Dec 20-Jan 10.

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