Immerse yourself in an urban oasis at the Botanical Gardens of Gothenburg, home to over 16,000 different plants in gardens and greenhouses galore.

Gothenburg’s Botanical Gardens are one of the largest in Europe and home to an exotic array of plants and flowers housed in their gardens and greenhouses. The gardens are an impressive 175 hectares including a nature reserve and arboretum and you can find over 16,000 different plant species from all around the world. Some of the most notable parts of the garden are the Rhododendron Valley, Japanese Glade and the Rock Garden with its waterfall. In the Greenhouses you will find about 4,000 various species and cultivars, including some 1,500 orchids, a remarkable travertine department and the rare Eastern Island Tree.


  • 16,000 different species of plant life
  • A stunnin rock garden
  • Greenhouses & Gardens
  • Nature Reserve
  • Sweden’s largest collection of tropical orchids
  • One of the larger gardens in Europe

Did you know:

  • The Botanical Gardens used to be a rural area, on the site of a great country estate called Stora Änggården
  • The Gardens were inaugurated in 1923 to celebrate Gothenburg’s 300th anniversary
  • The Gardens are home to one of the rarest trees in the world, the Easter Island Tree, whose original habitat was in the South Pacific until 1962
  • Much of Sweden’s natural landscape is coniferous forests such as pine and spruce, and in the South you’ll find deciduous trees like birch and aspen
  • In 1910, Sweden became the first European country to establish national parks, to protect many of its endangered wildlife and plant life
  • Linnea Borealis is the National Flower of Sweden, commonly known as the twinflower

The Experience:


As well as housing Sweden's largest collection of tropical orchids (1,000 of them!), you can also find 4,000 plant species in the Botanical Garden’s Greenhouses, among them the rare Easter Island Tree which came from seeds collected by the voyager Thor Heyerdahl in the early 60s. If you’re a meat eater, then the collection of Carnivorous plants will impress you with their survival instincts and ability to live in barren habitats by using their diverse, and sometimes brutal, traps. Although native to Afganistan and Iraq, you’ll find 35/50 known species of the Dionysia in Gothenburg's Botanical Gardens' Greenhouse. These ‘cushion-forming plants’ bloom in the very early spring, are often completely covered with yellow or violet flowers.


Explore the vast gardens – a huge 175 hectares! – and discover the wide range of plant life that makes this garden famous throughout Europe. Boasting an arboretum, forest of conifers, Japanese Glade and Herb gardens, there’s so much to see. The Bamboo Thickets offer a magical escape into Asia with their Chinese Umbrella bamboo and Fountain bamboo. To complement these majestic plants, you’ll also find Japanese maple and Korean wax bells as you journey further into the Far East. Rhododendron Valley is a family favourite with their huge round bunches which flower during most of the year. You’ll find colours ranging from pinks and reds, to the other end of the spectrum at whites, purples and blues. Don’t miss the Rock Garden, one of the newest additions to the estate. Here, among the flowing waterfall, you’ll see edelweiss, alpine Poppy and alpine dwarf cherries in the Europe section, with Wood lilies, dog’s tooth violet, and hardy cacti in the section dedicated to America.

Formal garden

Celebrating Green cultural heritage, the house and formal garden was built in 1812. It represents a typical ‘modern’ mansion in Gothenburg in the 1800s. Nowadays, the Directors of Botaniska have made this place home since the garden’s opening in 1923. The garden is classically formal with its closely clipped hedges creating a pleasing symmetrical garden space. The urns, fountains and benches also compliment the classical style. The flowerbeds display varieties of Swedish perennials, native to the country pre-1940 and which make up a part of Sweden’s cultural heritage.

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The Greenhouse
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