Gothenburg's Chocolate & Candy Factory

Gothenburg Pass Benefits: Free tasting at Gothenburg's Chocolate & Candy Factory

The Gothenburg PassNormal Entry Price: Adult: SEK 50
Child: SEK 50

Get your sweet fix at Gothenburg's Chocolate and Candy factory with The Gothenburg Pass

Indulge your sweet tooth at the Gothenburg Chocolate & Candy Factory, located in the historic and charming area of Kronhuset. Using mainly 70% dark chocolate and 34% milk chocolate, this factory produces a range of tempting treats created in their production facility located right next to their shop.

From the shop you can see into the factory, where the chocolates and treats are created, then sample the products, along with a selection from their carefully chosen local suppliers. From famous chocolate bark and pralines to hand-cast chocolate bars and toffees, there’s plenty to satisfy all tastes.


  • View the chocolate factory
  • Visit a genuine chocolate and candy store with old-fashioned charm
  • Enjoy samples of chocolates made on-site and by carefully chosen local suppliers
  • Admire Kronhuset and visit the galleries and handycraft shops

Kronhuset & Kronhusbodarna

Explore the historic area of Kronhuset and you'll see one of the oldest buildings in the city located behind the square Gustav Adolf. It was built in the mid-17th century as a storehouse for military uniforms and other military equipment, and is now a living craft centre in a historic setting. When the east wing was built in 1759 for artillery weapon smiths, turners and saddlers, Sweden was mobilizing for war with Denmark and the demand for a warehouse in Gothenburg was therefore high.

Kronhuset was built in Dutch style, and apart from the brick walls and ceiling, it's made ​​entirely of wood. The building is six stories high and the ground floor has no supporting pillars, making it easier to move guns and vehicles around. When the parliament convened in Gothenburg Kronhuset also functioned as parliament house.

Kronhusbodarna, the lower buildings surrounding Kronhuset, are brimming with charm and, alongside the Gothenburg Chocolate and Candy factory, you'll also find jewellery, pottery, galleries, leatherwork, soapmaking, furniture restoration and more.



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1 April - 23 December
Monday 11.00-17.00
Tuesday 11.00-17.00
Wednesday 11.00-17.00
Thursday 11.00-17.00
Friday 11.00-17.00
Saturday 11.00-16.00
Sunday 11.00-16.00

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